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Movable Space Hunting DIY Scale Model Kits - Joy Values
Movable Space Hunting DIY Scale Model Kits - Joy Values
Movable Space Hunting DIY Scale Model Kits - Joy Values
Movable Space Hunting DIY Scale Model Kits - Joy Values

Movable Space Hunting DIY Scale Model Kits

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Wooden Solar Energy Powered Moveable Space Hunting DIY Scale Model Kits

You can relax or spend time with your children while doing a fun activity like scale models

unleash the artist inside your child, even in yourself, while your enjoying assemble the scale model kits, people who are enthusiastic in scale model building are going crazy about this gift you may have a beginner friend who just started to discover this hobby it will be the best gift ever they would get from you.

Our solar "Curiosity" rover kit will bring you satisfaction thanks to its ease of assembly and its simple mechanism.

this kit has a solar energy sensor allows it to move solo!  no matter what scale model you or your children like we are sure that you both will love this one 

All our models are to assemble, it's for patient people or those who want to learn to become one. made of wood, they are laser-cut for perfect finishes and easy assembly.

and if your a scale model enthusiastic and like to own a full set we've got you covered we have multiple kits, these kits including sizes are :


  •  Moon Buggy:        180*85*130mm.
  • Curiosity Rover:    175*85*100mm.
  • Spirit Rover:          125*160*120mm.
  • Discovery Rover:   230*80*110mm.

Package size: 238*177*43mm
Package contains:
Solar motor set, English instructions, plywood, other accessories without glue you can use your glue or buy one from your closest scale model shop.


benefits of scale model kits


teach your child to be patient: while these scale models toy is not hard to assemble but it needs the person to be patient, and this is a good practice to teach your child how to be patient if he or she wants to get the desired outcome 


open the door for exploring: there are many fields of scale models toys types, we choose the space hunting models to open the exploring curiosity for your child to know more about the outer space, and this will raise many questions, your child will keep looking for answers for it, this will encourage him or her to read and explore to know more information about the outer space and the knowledge behind it  

Test Organization Skills: scale models come in many shapes and sizes, some with hundreds of parts and some models with only a dozen. Regardless, at every skill level, you have to be able to complete the project by organizing the components of the model and following a list of detailed steps to end up with a beautiful piece


Building a Collection: If you love collecting things, model making is definitely a hobby for you. Along with the other benefits we listed above, at the end of the building process, you're left with a beautiful scale model pieces proudly displays on the shelf and appreciate for years to come.


Clear Your Head: Taking a break from the stresses of everyday life to sit down for a couple of hours and build a model is a great stress reliever and is often recommended for people working high-stress jobs. Especially if you are an introvert or enjoy your alone time, scale model building is an excellent outlet for stress by focusing on the steps in the instructions or trying to exercise your creativity with the paint scheme



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