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Mini Portable Nano Mister - Joy Values
Mini Portable Nano Mister - Joy Values
Mini Portable Nano Mister - Joy Values

Mini Portable Nano Mister

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Cooldown and refresh with the Mini Portable Nano Mister. Enjoy a nice cool face mist at home, on a hike, in your car, or wherever else your life may take you. Cool face mist also shrinks pores, creating youthful skin in addition to cooling you down.


The hand-held cool mist humidifier provides quick and easy face mist wherever you need. Simply recharge between uses with the USB cable to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of batteries. The nano mister doubles as a face humidifier to bring light and youth to your skin.


The Mini Portable Nano Mister is easy to pack in any bag, purse, or backpack, making it the perfect summer adventure companion. Take care of your skin over time while refreshing yourself in the moment with the face mist of a cool mist humidifier.


  • Rechargeable Face Humidifier: Conveniently plugin between uses to always be refreshed with a face mist.
  • Portable Hand Held Nano Mister: Quickly and easily experience the rejuvenating and refreshing face mist with the lightweight design that allows you to take the water mister with you everywhere.
  • Multi-Functional Face Mist: The Nano Mister can be used as both a cool-mist humidifier and a water mister. Experience youthful, hydrated skin with the cool, refreshing face mist of the face humidifier.


How To Use:

  • Make sure the Water Mister is fully charged
  • Fill the Nano Mister with water
  • Hold the Nano Mister up to the desired body part
  • Press the button on the Nano Mister for a fine face mist


Package Contents:

  • 1 Nano Mister
  • 1 USB Cable

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