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Easy Head Shaver - Joy Values
Easy Head Shaver - Joy Values
Easy Head Shaver - Joy Values
Easy Head Shaver - Joy Values
Easy Head Shaver - Joy Values

Easy Head Shaver

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Get The Smooth Shave You Deserve

Fellas we all know that there's no better feeling than being clean shaven, Looking presentable and ready to handle the world. We know how important a good shave is so we came together and designed the Shave Lux™️. An electric shaving machine that changes the game forever.

Equipped with dual 360 degrees 4D rotating blades that cut precisely and much more smoothly on your skin without cutting you. Leaving you with fewer scars and with a better all-around shave.

Interchangeable heads that makes this product function in many different ways. Not only you can get a good shave. You can also give your face a deep clean and remove any dead skin cells as well. Giving you the perfect clean cut and more clean and clear skin in the morning.

Waterproof design that doesn't wear down the blades after use and leaves zero water stains. No more blowing on the blades after shaving. The Shave Pro™️ does all the hard work so you don't have to


Easy To Use- Making it super guy friends all across the board. 360 blade rotating action that does all the work and takes out all the guesswork and not has to continuously go over the area several times. Cuts twice as much in less time.

Multi-Functional- The ultimate all-in-one electric shaving machine. Comes with Ear/Nose trimmers. Sideburn trimmers, And not to mention a face and sponge and facial cleansing brush. So you can shave completely and look like a million bucks with your new and improved look all from one machine

USB Chargeable- No batteries or complicated setups necessary. 




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