Clear Anti Gravity Case for iPhone - Joy Values
Clear Anti Gravity Case for iPhone - Joy Values
Clear Anti Gravity Case for iPhone - Joy Values

Clear Anti Gravity Case for iPhone

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 Clear Anti Gravity Case for iPhone

Our Anti-Gravity Phone Case for iPhone smartphone is a stick-anywhere protective case which allows users to use their phones with hands-free. The secret to our case's powerful holding force is a revolutionary nano-suction technology, which secures them tightly stick on almost any smooth surfaces. This allows you to do other things while watching your phones.


  • Nanotechnology - Nano-sized suction cups enable the phone to stick on any smooth flat surface such as glass, mirror, screen, wall, and metal, and it never leaves a mark on anything you stick.

  • Useful - Works perfectly for going hands-free while taking selfies, checking the navigation when driving, Cooking, Skyping, having FaceTime conversations, recording vlogs, watching makeup tutorials, etc.

  • Durable - The case is reusable and is temperature resistant; the back film can protect the case from collecting dust. After a while, if the stickiness gets weak, please use a bit of water to wash the case, it is washable, and the case will be good for use again.


  • Makeup in front of the mirror

  • Watching the game while you're shaving

  • Practising YouTube cosmetic tutorials in front of your mirror
  • Learning piano
  • Filming workout or yoga videos

  • Self-study cooking lessons in the kitchen. Just stick your case to a smooth backsplash or cabinet door.
  • Hands-free navigation while driving
Anti Gravity Case for iPhone Specifications:
  • Supported surface: Glass, Ceramic Tile, Metal, White Board, Wood Board, Displayer, Leather

  • Material: TPU + PC Material Magical Anti gravity Adsorbed Shell Case

  • Supported Phone: Apple