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The Perfect Bathroom Lights For Make Up

The Perfect Bathroom Lights For Make Up

Every period, it's the same case: you glance in your bathroom mirror in a certain way and then everywhere else completely different. But the problem isn't your beauty skills; it's the setting, which seriously affects your makeup routine when done wrong. Fluorescents can help us bring too much maquillages on, and purple lamps can cause us skip spots. Our beauty studios (aka bathrooms) deserve better lighting, so our features do so.



So we were talking to some makeup artists and doing our own research to figure out how to try out the bathroom setup. Luckily, you will change your bathroom light condition to be much more attractive, with just a few adjustments and items. Keep reading to figure out how to get the right lighting to apply makeup.

Illumination Mistakes to prevent 
Here are all the cases in which bathroom illumination can be incorrect.

Fluorescent lighting
For obvious reasons, step away from fluorescent lights. It's not just you; nobody looks good in it, and we don't say nobody. Nice, fluorescent white light is intensely blinding and unforgiving. Such unflattering lighting will lead you to overdo it with the makeup, bronzer, or lipstick to cover for your face's lack of colour.

Yellow Light
Yellow light will make you look tired and sick, which can encourage you to go crazy on the mask to hide your face to conceal dark spots.

Pink Light
Rosy light can make teeth look clean and bright, which sounds great, but it's all a lie. We prefer to cheat on the concealer because of our dazzling beauty in this setting, only then to find we overlooked a blaring blemish or a dim mark.

Remember to look creepy when you were a child and used to keep a torch under your chin? Okay, it's the same thing except backwards. Downlighting focuses on lines and pigmentation and throws shadows under your lips, making you look much older.

The Best Way to Light Your Bathroom
A hot or natural light source is the perfect place to add Makeup. Natural sunlight presents the face with the most accurate reflection, but the next best thing for those cloudy days where fresh rays aren't a choice is warm white light, like LED. This closely resembles the natural light color spectrum, thus spreading illumination uniformly across the whole face.

You want to establish cross-illumination or side lighting while adding lights in your bathroom to insure that the light diffuses equally around your entire face. Be mindful the lights are placed exclusively above the mirror. These can light your forehead and cause you to tilt your head too far and make it difficult to apply precise maquillage.