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How to Improve your Hair

How to Improve your Hair

Flat, dull, lifeless hair is a problem that plagues many women who instead yearn for voluminous, bouncy and healthy-looking hair. Fortunately, getting volume in your hair isn't some unattainable fantasy, it's a practical aim that anyone with a little know-how can achieve. For fabulously voluminous hair, read on to find out the right techniques, cosmetics and hairstyles to use.



1 Use shampoo and conditioner for volumization.

The first, most obvious thing you can do is to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to volume your hair. These have a lighter formula than most other shampoos and conditioners, so they will not weigh down hair, causing it to lie flat against the scalp. Effectively they can clean and moisturize hair, while keeping it bright and bouncy. For every budget, there is a voluminous shampoo and conditioner combination available, from drugstore classics to luxury salon brands.
Use enough liquid to produce a lather while shampoing. Make sure the shampoo is massaged into the scalp, as this will help deliver strength once the hair is washed. Thoroughly rince your hair, then shampoo again if necessary.
Use any residual product near the roots to add conditioner to the tips from the mid-lengths of the hair. So much of the conditioner added to the roots will make it look greasy and flat.
While you still have the conditioner in your hair, comb any tangles with a wide-tooth comb, start at the bottom and work your way up. It will help avoid breakage, which can make hair appear thin.

2-Wash once a week with a clarifying shampoo.

Most shampoos and conditioners contain synthetic substances like silicon and polymers that bind to the shaft of the hair and weigh down the hair, leaving it flat and lifeless. Clarifying shampoos eliminate these toxins and other contaminants that have been built up, leaving the hair lighter and more length. For best results, most people should use a shampoo which clarifies once a week.
In addition to shampoos, hair care products such as mousses, waxes and sprays contain chemicals that build up in the hair, resulting in volume loss. Additionally things like hard water and swimming pool chlorine can leave deposits in the hair.
People who swim frequently are more likely to have deposits built up in their hair so they should use a clarifying shampoo more often, maybe 2 to 3 times a week.
Choose a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo which is better for colored hair if you have colored hair. We can be found at the local beauty supply shop, salon or online. Often, you may use the product less often, like twice a month.



3-Apply a mousse volumizing.

There are many products on the market that volume many, many hairs, some of which are extremely effective. Another such drug is volumizing mousse, from the roots to the tips to add texture and lift, a dollop of which can be applied into wet hair. You can either allow the hair to air dry naturally after application, scrunching to create voluminous waves and curls, or you can blow the hair dry with added lift for a sleeker look.
Root-lifting sprays or creams are another suggested volumizing items. These are worked directly before blow-drying into the roots (from ears upwards).
Many volumizing items on the hair can be very dry so be careful not to overuse them.

4-Use the hair-dryer with a diffuser attachment.

If you are looking for smooth, voluminous curls, using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer is a great option. The airflow from the hair dryer is balanced by a diffuser, so hair is not blown straight and smooth. Diffuser attachments can be purchased online, or at hair salons and drug stores. The best technique to use a diffuser is as follows: Allow hair to dry naturally for 15 to 20 minutes after washing, then apply a volumizing mousse as mentioned above from root to tip.
Switch the hair dryer on, set the air upside down, using a scrunching technique to cool and dry hair.